Franklin County Driving Tours

Connecticut River from French King Bridge Photo: Laura Herbert

The beauty of Franklin County is endless. These tours will give you a glimpse of what the region has to offer. There are several state parks in Franklin County with opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, canoeing and camping. Whether you want the excitement of Class IV whitewater rafting and a zip line canopy tour or the quiet contemplation of spectacular views, waterfalls, historic houses and covered bridges, Franklin County has them all. The tours all begin at the Visitor Center in Greenfield where you can pick up a map. Wherever you travel in Franklin County you will find friendly people and beautiful country. We hope you will enjoy yourselves and come back many times.

Tour 1 - Deerfield and Sunderland

  • From the Visitor Center (18 Miner Street, Greenfield, MA) go to Route 2A and take a left.
  • At the third light (Greenfield Center), take a right onto 
Route 5 south.
  • After 1.4 miles (over the bridge), take a left onto River Road for 9 miles of farming country along the Connecticut River.
  • River Road ends at Route 116 in Deerfield. Take a right onto Rte.116 and drive for .4 miles. On your right, take the entrance to Mount Sugarloaf Reservation. Drive or hike to the summit where you will see spectacular views of the Connecticut River Valley in Sunderland and Deerfield.
  • After leaving Sugarloaf, continue 1 mile west to the lights at Rte. 5. Take a right and drive .3 miles to Yankee Candle’s flagship location (including restaurant, snack bar and fragrant shopping).
  • Leaving Yankee Candle, turn left and continue north on Rte. 5 for 2.5 miles to Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory for a delightful experience with live butterflies (restaurant onsite).
  • Continue on Rte. 5 north for 2.1 miles to Historic Deerfield (on your left) for a trip back in time with a whole street of Colonial houses (restaurant at the Deerfield Inn).
  • Four miles north on Rte. 5 brings you back to Greenfield Center.

Tour 2 - Historic Deerfield, Shelburne Falls

  • From the Visitor Center go to Route 2 and take a left.
  • At the third light (Greenfield Center), take a right onto Route 5 south.
  • After 3 miles, take a right into Historic Deerfield where there are 12 fully restored museum houses, 3 art galleries and the Flynt Center of New England Life. Take a tour (guided or self-guided) or just walk the beautiful street. (restaurant available at the Deerfield Inn)
  • Leaving Deerfield at the end of Old Main Street bear right onto Mill Village Road 1.7 miles and take a right onto Stillwater Road. Follow Stillwater Road 3 miles to Rte. 116.
  • Take a right onto Rte. 116 west for 4.1 miles then right onto Shelburne Falls Road for 1.6 miles and right onto Bardswell Ferry.
  • Follow this for 6.6 miles until you reach Rte 2. A  right onto Rte. 2 takes you back to Greenfield.

Tour 3 - Leyden, Colrain, Shelburne Falls (some dirt roads)

  • From the Visitor Center go to Route 2A and around the Rotary to the stop light.
  • Take a right onto Colrain Road for 1.5 miles. At the fork, take a right onto Log Plain Road for 4.3 miles.
  • The road becomes a dirt road following the Green River into Leyden. After 3.2 miles, take a right onto more dirt roads. Go 1.1 miles to New County Road, and after about 2 miles take a sharp left. Follow that road 2.3 miles where you take a left onto Jacksonville Road (Rte.112)
  • Stay on Rte 112 by bearing right in the center of Colrain and follow that until you reach Shelburne Falls. Go into the village and walk the Bridge of Flowers, visit the Glacial Potholes, eat at one of the many restaurants and visit an artist’s studio before getting back onto Rte. 2 east back to Greenfield

Tour 4 - Turners Falls, Northfield

  • From the Visitor Center go to Route 2A and take a left.
  • At the third light (Greenfield Center), take a right onto Rte.5 south. Follow Rte. 5 for 1.2 miles and take a left onto Montague City Road.
  • Follow Montague City Road that turns into Avenue A in downtown Turners Falls Before crossing the bridge, visit the Discovery Center on your left.
  • After crossing the bridge, go right on Rte. 2 east. Stay on Rte. 2, stopping before crossing the French King Bridge, stroll the bridge and admire the views.
  • Cross the French King Bridge, then after .8 miles, take a left onto Semb Drive and another left onto Rte. 63.
  • Take 63 North for 7.5 miles. Along the way you will pass Northfield Mountain Recreation area where there are hiking trails and cross country trails in winter. You can also catch a ride on the Quinnetukut II for an interpretive ride down the Connecticut River.
  • Before you reach the center of Northfield, take a right onto Maple Street and follow it as it turns into Gulf Road and North Street for 7.6 miles. A good side trip is to follow the signs and take a right off Gulf Road to Laurel Lake.
  • When you reach Rte. 2 take a right and travel 5.4 miles back to the Visitor Center.

Tour 5 - Deerfield, Conway, Ashfield

  • From the Visitor Center go to Route 2A and take a left.
  • At the third light (Greenfield Center), take a right onto Route 5 south. After 3 miles, on your right is Historic Deerfield with a whole street of 12 fully restored museum houses, art galleries and Flynt Center.
  • A short distance farther on Rte. 5 south is Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory where you can mingle with the live 
  • Another short distance, at the lights go right to Rte.116 west. At 6.6 miles you will pass the Conway covered bridge, and through the beautiful town of Conway and into Ashfield. After 12.8 miles on Rte.116 turn right onto Baptist Corner Road.
  • Travel 5.8 miles to Shelburne Falls Road, take a left and proceed 2.5 miles to Shelburne Falls. Walk the Bridge of Flowers, view the Glacial Potholes, visit a restaurant and peruse an art gallery. When you’re done, follow the signs to Route 2 (Mohawk Trail) and take a right east to Greenfield.