Bridge of Flowers

No list of the Seven Wonders of Franklin County is complete without this blossoming bridge. The former trolley bridge connecting Shelburne Falls and Buckland is an architecturally lovely structure, built on elegant, curving arches across the Deerfield River. But you’d be forgiven for not fully appreciating the underside of the bridge on your first visit due to the abundance of beauty on top of the bridge--beauty so abundant it cascades over the sides of the bridge as well. Hundreds of flowers, shrubs, and flowering trees bloom in a riot of color and fragrance the length of the bridge. The Bridge of Flowers is open annually April 1 to October 31, weather permitting, 24-hours a day. There is no entrance fee, but donations are welcome. Visitors to the Bridge may express their appreciation by offering comments in the guest books, as well as donations in any amount, in the kiosks located at both entrances.

Shelburne Falls, MA 01370