Hilltown Sleddogs Demonstration at Northfield Mountain

Hilltown Sleddogs will be demonstrating Dryland Mushing with their sled dogs at Northfield Mountain Recreation and Environmental Center. This is a sport you can do with your own dog of any breed, along as they like to run. Cani-Cross is jogging with a dog pulling you or trotting along side. Bikejoring, Scootering & Rig Racing are activities you can also do with one or two dogs. Come see the Hilltown Sleddogs show you how!   We ask that you please leave your dog at home during the demonstration.  Hilltown Sleddogs is a Touring and Racing Kennel, home to a team of Alaskan Husky Sled Dogs in Western Massachusetts. In Summer we offer Sled Dog Camps, Dog Yard Tours and Hikes with a Husky. In Winter, Spring, and Fall, we offer Rides, Group or Private Lessons, with Our Dogs or Yours, on Dryland and Snow! www.hilltownsleddogs.com

Admission: Sign up for this free program at www.bookeo.com/northfield.  

Saturday, April 29, 2023


Northfield Mountain Recreation Area