"Janet Planet" at Greenfield Garden Cinema

Double Edge Theatre will be present at Greenfield Garden Cinemas on June 30 for the 3:30 showing of "Janet Planet". You can buy your tickets through Greenfield Garden Cinemas websites. If you want to catch Double Edge’s newest Summer Spectacle "The Heron’s Flight," please visit www.doubleedgetheatre.org. Locals of Western Massachusetts might notice multiple locations featured in A24’s highly anticipated film "Janet Planet". Directed by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Annie Baker, the film is set and shot in the enchanting rural landscapes of Western Massachusetts. One prominent location includes Double Edge Theatre, located in the rural town of Ashfield.   "Janet Planet" tells the story of 11-year-old Lacy, who "spends the summer of 1991 at home, enthralled by her own imagination and the attention of her mother, Janet. As the months pass, three visitors enter their orbit, all captivated by Janet and her spellbinding nature. In her solitary moments, Lacy inhabits an inner world so extraordinarily detailed that it begins to seep into the outside world." This film promises to be a profound exploration of childhood, imagination, and the complex bond between mother and daughter. Audiences can experience the film’s premiere beginning June 21 in theaters nationwide.  

Hours: Sunday, June 30th, 3:30 PM Tickets $8.50

Admission: Greenfield Garden Cinemas Purchase tickets HERE

Contact: Travis Coe

Sunday, June 30, 2024


Greenfield Garden Cinemas 361 Main St Greenfield MA