Welcome Yule: a Midwinter Celebration

Welcome Yule: A Midwinter Celebration - Music, Dance, Songs and Stories to Drive the Dark Away returns to the Shea Theater Arts Center in Turners Falls, MA on December 8, 9 and 10. When we move into the dark time of the year, we keep our spirits alive through community, connection, and tradition. This year, in Welcome Yule, we are focusing on that recurring cycle of dark and light, Sun and Moon, life, death, and rebirth as the wheel of the year marks its repeated turning. Our village is drawing together in this dark time, maintaining itself and its sense of community, through song, dance, story-telling and a mummer’s play. Join us in singing; touch the Yule Log for good luck; feel a chill with the eerie Abbots Bromley Horn Dance, and join us in laughing away the dark. Thirty-nine years ago a group of friends in Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley created the annual winter solstice celebration of Welcome Yule. They wanted to join in age-old traditions of song, dance, and story-telling, linking our modern world with a time when the world was a smaller place, when we all knew one another, and all celebrated the changing seasons together. Since then, Welcome Yule has become a key part of the winter season for many in the Valley and beyond. Welcome Yule: A Midwinter Celebration will be held at The Shea Theater Arts Center, 71 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA, Friday December 8 and Saturday December 9 at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday, Dec. 10 at 2 p.m. Tickets are $15 for adults ages 17 to 64, $12 for seniors and children ages 5 to 16, and FREE for children under 5. Tickets can be purchased at World Eye Bookshop in Greenfield, MA, at the door and in advance at sheatheater.org. Tickets can be reserved at reservations@welcomeyule.org. • Learn More: WelcomeYule.org • Tickets: SheaTheater.org • Facebook.com/WelcomeYule • Instagram.com/WelcomeYule • Contact@WelcomeYule.org

Saturday, December 9, 2023


Shea Theater Arts Center Avenue A Turners Falls MA