Wooly Wonders – Heritage Breed Sheep Weekend

Join us for a celebration of rare, historic and adorable heritage breed sheep, textiles, and wool-processing in New England. See heritage breeds of sheep (and lambs!) including Lincoln Longwool, Shetland, and Merino, as well as demonstrations of sheepdog herding, hand-shearing, spinning on historic wheels, and weaving. Try your hand at washing, carding, and dyeing wool. Weave on a small floor loom. Browse vendors’ wares such as woolen yarns, fiber preparations for handspinning, and sheep-themed items. There will also be games, a scavenger hunt, and craft activities for all ages.    

Admission: Included with general admission - Tickets available now! https://hubs.ly/Q01Kr4By0

Saturday, May 20, 2023


Historic Deerfield